Starting Your Own Gift Registry

wedding registry

Start your registry right away! Its not rude to start planning right off the bat. Chances are your friends and family want to start shopping for you right away! You don’t need to have the whole list finished, just enough to let people start planning on what they want to get you.

Go register together. These are going to be presents for the both of you. Take this opportunity to talk about what type of home you would like to build together and you can pick your gifts accordingly.

Get what you want but don’t forget to think about your lifestyle! A lot of stores are doing registries now and you are no longer limited to asking for china, silverware, and sheets. You can ask for camping gear, electronics, furniture, and whatever else your little hearts desire! But make sure you consider what you are going to actually use. You may love that little creme brulee set but if you’ve never cooked a dessert before in your life you probably won’t have any real use for it down the road.

Before you start registering check out the stores return policy. You may register for something you SWEAR you need, and then find out that you really don’t have room for 3 tea sets. Make sure you find a place that will let you return 2 of them!

Think about your guests. Make sure you register for items with a wide variety of price points. Your newly graduated college friends may not be able to afford the $70 place settings you have chosen while your aunt may not want to buy you 10 smaller items instead of one larger gift. Also make sure that all your guests have access to your registry list. Register with at least one store will list your registry online so that guests may place orders through their website.

Update your registry often. Registries will show you items that have been purchased which has two benefits; one, you can update your registry as people buy items so that there will always be a variety of items for them to choose from, and two, you can snoop and know what you can expect to get! Sometimes stores will sell out of an item or stop offering it online so this also gives you the opportunity to make sure everything on your list is available to purchase.

Another thing a lot of registries offer is the ability to register for gift cards. Asking for cash is a wedding foux pas but leaving an option for gift cards on the registry is perfectly acceptable. If you still really, really prefer cash, the best way to “ask” for it is to request that one or two close friends and family members politely spread the word.

And last but not least, don’t forget to say thank you! Let your guests know that you have received their gift promptly. Gifts received before the wedding should be replied to within two weeks of reception. Gifts received at or after the wedding should received a note a month after the honeymoon.