How to Pick a Winning Wedding DJ, One Couples Story Told

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Katie Silva and her husband Steve wanted their wedding to reflect their personalities and their relationship. Surrounded by family and loved ones, they married at a lush waterfront location in San Diego. She accented her flowing white wedding gown with electric blue heels. He donned a top hat with a colorful feather.

While the setting was charming and the couple and guests looked beautiful, the most important thing to Katie and Steve on their wedding day was that everyone enjoy the celebration. Self-proclaimed “music geeks,” a big part of their celebration meant finding a DJ that could play to their choice of mood and music. Katie shares her experience with soon-to-be newlyweds to help narrow down the options and make sure a DJ is a good match.

Why did you want a DJ at your wedding reception?

We had initially wanted to skip out on using a DJ since my husband and I are both huge music geeks and were planning on just using an iPod. After reading about other people’s experiences and horror stories online and realizing we’d also have to have a friend or family member “MCing” the event for different mini-events like cake cutting, first dance, etc., we thought it would be easiest to hire a DJ.

What were you looking for in a wedding DJ?

Our prerequisites: Inexpensive, open to playing the music we’d like played, and not corny. Not corny was probably the biggest thing we were looking for. If he wanted to play the Chicken Dance at the wedding, he wasn’t our guy.

Tell me about the DJs you met while you were interviewing? What stood out (good, bad and strange)?

We met with one other DJ before choosing ours. There wasn’t anything totally strange about him, but we could tell that he wanted to be very involved in wedding “activities” and dances. Our DJ was actually a little over-the-top, but promised that during the wedding he would keep things toned down.

He actually suggested that we do a garter toss where my husband would go under my dress and instead of toss the garter he’d pull a football with the garter attached from under the chair. Then the DJ would play Monday Night Football music and my husband would throw the football into the eagerly awaiting crowd. Needless to say we didn’t go with that option.

How was working with the wedding DJ? Were you very involved with the music choices or did you give them mostly free reign?

We were probably more involved with the DJ than most couples would be. We gave our DJ the majority of the playlist and then gave suggestions on types of songs we’d like played.

How’d your guests enjoy the music at the reception?

Our guests seemed to really like the music we played. Most of the songs we picked are really personal to us. My husband was in a band and I was a college radio DJ, so we had a ton of “must play” songs. Everyone seemed to be pumped up during most of the early 90s rap picks too.

What advice would you give to a couple looking for a wedding DJ?

Find someone that meshes well with your personalities. If you have your own song picks, make sure that the wedding DJ is ok with playing them. If you’d rather have someone running the show for you, find someone with a bigger than life personality. Most importantly, don’t stress. Getting married to each other is the most important wedding detail – everything else is cake.