5 Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas for Your Wedding

With Valentine’s Day just weeks away, Pinterest and many of my favourite blogs have been full of Valentine’s Day DIY ideas. The great thing about Valentine’s Day DIY projects is that they are usually love-themed and often translate quite easily into wedding ideas. Here are 5 Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas I found this week and some ideas on how you could use these ideas for your own wedding.

1. Rose Heart by DIY Louisville


The “roses” on this heart are made from velvet ribbon. The heart would be very cute carried by the flower girl or used instead of pew bows. The velvet flowers can be made with any ribbon colour you wish and used to decorate just about anything that you can glue them to!

2. Valentine’s Day Favor Jar by Creme de la Craft

The idea with this DIY project is to create a jar with little slips of paper inside each listing something you love about the person you are giving it to. What caught my eye was the simple but gorgeous way that the jar was decorated. These would be adorable as wedding favors. You could write names/table numbers on the little hearts and have them double as escort cards or place cards. I think these would look adorable on a candy buffet as well.

3. Paper Bag and Washi Tape Heart Bunting by Making Home Base

This bunting DIY is adorable! I could see this being used to decorate a candy bar or cake table. Washi Tape comes in so many colours and patterns, you could really customize the look to suit any wedding though with the paper bags, it is probably best suited to vintage or rustic wedding themes.

4. Glitter Clothespins by My Fabuless Life

Glitter has the amazing ability to take ordinary objects and make them fabulous – like these clothespin. A little glitter and ordinary, inexpensive clothespins become perfect for holding escort cards on a display board.

5. Matchbox Favors by Swap-bot

These adorable hand made matchboxes would be perfect for holding wedding favors like small candies or a photo of the couple. You can change up the paper color and top them with flowers, ribbon, paper shapes or whatever best suited your wedding theme. The matchboxes are made using a free matchbox template that you can find here.